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George Shultz
Distinguished Fellow
Hoover Institution
Stanford University
John Stossel
Fox Business News
Jonathan H. Adler
Center for Business Law & Regulation
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Nigel Ashford
Senior Program Officer
Institute for Humane Studies
Scott Beaulier
Executive Director
Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy
Troy University
Peter Boettke
Professor of Economics
George Mason University
Max Borders
Executive Editor
Free To Choose Network
Author, Superwealth
Robert Bradley
Institute for Energy Research
Eamonn Butler
Adam Smith Institute
Bryan Caplan
Associate Professor of Economics
George Mason University
Art Carden
Assistant Professor of Economics
Rhodes College
A. Lawrence Chickering
Educate Girls Globally
Kenneth Chilton
Institute for Study of Economics and the Environment
Lindenwood University
Bob Chitester
Free To Choose Network
Roy Cordato
Vice President for Research
John Locke Foundation
Daniel D'Amico
Assistant Professor of Economics
Loyola University
Antony Davies
Associate Professor of Economics
Duquesne University
Steve Davies
Education Director
Institute of Economic Affairs
Veronique de Rugy
Senior Research Fellow
Mercatus Center
George Mason University
Robert Enlow
Foundation for Educational Choice
Kenneth Green
Resident Scholar
American Enterprise Institute
Joshua Hall
Economic Freedom of the World report
Frederick Hess
Resident Scholar/Director of Education Policy Studies
America Enterprise Institute
Robert Higgs
Senior Fellow in Political Economy
Independent Institute
Editor, The Independent Review
Leslie Hiner
Director of Educational Programs and State Relations
Foundation for Educational Choice
Randall Holcombe
DeVoe Moore Professor of Economics
Florida State University
Gary Hoover
development of enterprises
Steven Horwitz
Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics
St. Lawrence University
Babu Joseph
Liberal Group-Kerala
Deepak K. Lal
James S. Coleman Professor
of International Development Studies
Steven Landsburg
Professor of Economics
University of Rochester
Robert Lawson
Jerome M. Fullinwider Chair in Economic Freedom
O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom
SMU Cox School of Business
Dwight Lee
William J. O’Neil Professor of Global Markets and Freedom
Southern Methodist University
Brad Lips
Chief Executive Officer
Atlas Network
Herb London
President Emeritus
Hudson Institute
Professor Emeritus
New York University
Edward J. Lopez
Associate Professor of Law and Economics
San Jose State University
Rich Lowry
Editor, The National Review
Tibor Machan
R. C. Hoiles Chair in Free Enterprise and Business Ethics
Argyros School of Business and Economics
Chapman University
Robert McDonald
Associate Professor of History, United States Military Academy
Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute
Jeffrey Miron
Senior Lecturer/Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Economics
Harvard University
Isaac Morehouse
Gifts Officer
Institute for Humane Studies
Joshua Muravchik
Foreign Policy Institute
Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies
David Nott
President, Reason Foundation
James Otteson
Senior Fellow
Fund for American Studies
Don Racheter
Public Interest Institute
Lawrence Reed
Foundation for Economic Education
Russell Roberts
Professor of Economics
J. Fish and Lillian F. Smith Distinguished Scholar
Mercatus Center
George Mason University
Karen Palasek
Director of Educational and Academic Programs
John Locke Foundation
Paul Rubin
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Economics, Emory University
Editor, Managerial and Decision Economics
Michael Sanera
Director of Research and Local Government Studies
John Locke Foundation
Ken Schoolland
Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science
Hawaii Pacific University
Parth J. Shah
Centre for Civil Society
Aeon J. Skoble
Professor of Philosophy/Chairman of the Philosophy Department
Bridgewater State University
Daniel J. Smith
Assistant Professor of Economics
Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy
Fred Smith
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Edward P. Stringham
Lloyd V. Hackley Endowed Professor for the
Study of Capitalism and Free Enterprise
Fayetteville State University
Michael Strong
Freedom Light Our World (FLOW)
James Tooley
E. G. West Centre
Newcastle University
Jacob Vigdor
Professor of Public Policy and Economics
Duke University
Mario Villareal-Diaz
Professor/Research Chair in Strategic Intelligence
Public Policy Graduate School
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Magatte Wade
Adina World Beverages
The Tiossano Tribe
Ben Wattenberg
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Moderator, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg (PBS)
Lawrence H. White
Professor of Economics
George Mason University
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